Month: September 2020

Rethinking pixel pitch

Like everyone working in A/V, we’re doing increasing numbers of video walls in our projects these days.  Most of our work is indoors, and we’re using LED walls where we might in the past have used projection or single large LCD panels.  After all, at 0.9mm pitch, a wall with UHD resolution is not quite

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A/V designs for flexible spaces

We have a project here for a client that involves putting a display into an historic space.  They will fill it with loose seating, as many chairs as will fit, front to back and side to side.  And we’re wrestling with image size and how high to set it above the floor.  There are standards

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We’re still doing LCD videowalls

Video walls are a much-discussed subject nowadays, as it becomes increasingly feasible to achieve large video displays without resorting to projection.  And certainly direct-view LED walls are receiving most of the attention; they are beautiful, seamless, and prices are falling.  Twice though in the past week I’ve looked at current projects where LCD walls remain

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