Architectural Acoustics

Acoustical design helps create environments where performers can be enjoyed, students can learn, workers can be productive, patients can get better care, and everyone can get a good night’s sleep.

Cavanaugh Tocci draws on forty years of acoustical consulting experience and ongoing research into materials and modeling techniques to ensure that the acoustic environment enhances the user experience. Whether consulted in the early stages of planning a project, or called in to mitigate a troublesome condition, our team brings technical competence and a practical approach to acoustical recommendations that support the design intent.

We work with design teams and owners to analyze the project, site conditions, and intended uses for a given space, and then work closely with architects and engineers to create project-specific solutions. In school environments that foster a range of quiet and busy activities, or in open plan offices designed for collaborative work, struggling to tune out unwanted sound can distract and fatigue users, lowering comprehension and productivity.

Working with the architect for a Midwestern college renowned for its music program, Cavanaugh Tocci collaborated with the project team to design a new arts building with rehearsal rooms and an auditorium. The auditorium exceeded the owner’s expectations for superb acoustics for both choral and instrumental music, as well as its use as a lecture space. The new facility attracts students and musicians to the school and generates revenue for the college as a professional performance venue.