Audiovisual Systems

In a world where we carry easy access to interactive audio and video in our pockets, we expect our experience in presentation spaces to be just as simple and seamless.

Audiovisual needs in buildings extend well beyond traditional conference rooms and auditoria. In any place where visual and audio information needs to be shared, audiovisual systems can have a role. From interactive kiosks to collaborative team-based instructional spaces, A/V systems are an integral part of the success of a range of learning, work, and presentation spaces.

Our team understands that the user experience is paramount—from ease of use to clear sound reproduction to projections free of glare. At the earliest phases of a project we work with the user and client to define specific functional requirements for the audiovisual systems, and then apply our project experience and technical expertise to translate those requirements into thoughtful, integrated, buildable and tailored A/V designs. Cavanaugh Tocci’s same attention to detail continues through construction completion to ensure a successful project.

At Northeastern University’s Visitor Center, where prospective students are encouraged to make a self-directed exploration of the university in a medium that is relevant and accessible to them, Cavanaugh Tocci incorporated large multi-touch activated displays into a busy, open public space. This feature was thoughtfully integrated to ensure that the technology was a seamless part of the architectural design and Cavanaugh Tocci’s subsequent project management and construction coordination services reduced the burden on the owner and architect.

Representative Projects

  • Performing Arts
  • Higher Education
  • Corporate Presentation
  • Municipal and Government
  • Athletic Facilities
  • Houses of Worship