Environmental Acoustics

As beauty is in the eye of the beholder, noise is in the ear of the listener. Thousands of fans can be enjoying an evening concert in a picturesque outdoor music venue, but to residents closeby, the same sound may be an all too frequent intruder. Similar impacts can be produced by power plants, laboratory and pharmaceutical research buildings, freight transportation, and a wide range of industrial activities that are often 24/7 operations situated close to or within residential communities.

Cavanaugh Tocci participates in public processes by serving as consultants to all environmental interests—facility owners, developers, reviewing boards, and community groups. We routinely address the reasonable needs of the public, assist approving boards in the execution of their duty, and provide facility owners and developers with sound control recommendations and procedures that enable project operations to conform to applicable noise limits and other considerations necessary to protect the public.

Cavanaugh Tocci tailors its consulting services for each project. Services can include short and long-term sound monitoring at multiple locations, computer modeling ofsound propagation during facility design using Cadna/A and other analysis methods, determination of sound power levels produced by installed equipment, report preparation, and presentations before client and community groups and town boards. Our ultimate goal is to develop noise control targets and recommendations that meet the expectation of the facility owner, the developer, approving boards, and, most importantly,the community.