Nick Browse to Present at ABX

Nick Browse, Senior Principal Consultant, will present a workshop titled Active Learning Classrooms: What You Need to Know at the upcoming ABX conference in Boston.

Session Summary

Teaching methods in higher education are changing, and nowhere is this more evident than in classroom design. Active learning classrooms, where students work together in small groups, have become commonplace. There is however no agreed model for such classrooms, and institutions struggle to understand the best approach. Together we will look at a number of high-profile spaces in use today, and consider how floor plan, furnishings, and technology combine to create spaces that are exciting and advance student learning. We’ll look at what these spaces can do, what their strengths are, and what their shortcomings are. We’ll also look at how classrooms are being shaped by changing technology, particularly with regard to students’ personal devices and by the plummeting costs of large screen flat displays.