Joy of Music School

Worcester, MA

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David Krom

New Construction

Performance Hall
In 2002 Cavanaugh Tocci had the opportunity to work with the Joy of Music School to help convert a nursing home to a non-profit community music school for the Worcester area. At the time, we assisted with sound isolation and room acoustic recommendations for practice rooms and other spaces in the building. Shortly after our initial work, we collaborated again on an addition to the building that contains their long-anticipated concert hall.

The new 200-seat Shapiro Concert Hall is a major upgrade to the program’s existing performance space, which could only comfortably accommodate 80 audience members. With a tight project budget of less than $1 million, we worked with architect David Krom to develop extremely cost-effective solutions to our acoustic recommendations, while providing very high acoustical qualities. We advised on profiles for site-built wall acoustic diffusers and a permanent stage “shell” with radiused wall profiles. We designed a sloped, 2×2 lay-in ceiling system using a mixture of reflective and absorptive panels to create a cost-effective alternative to suspended acoustical clouds. Cavanaugh Tocci also worked with the architect to keep HVAC noise in the space to a minimum, advising on noise and vibration control measures including air-handler location, duct path sound attenuation and very low air velocity in duct paths and at air terminals.  The carefully detailed architectural features and extremely low background sound in the space provides an excellent environment for both performers and listeners.

The resulting hall is highly regarded by Joy of Music instructors and students, and various local music groups have asked for use of the space for performances.  Our firm is very pleased to have had the opportunity to consult on this project.

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