Massachusetts General Hospital, Administrative Conference Room

Boston, MA

Mixed format presentation with projection and monitors
High-performance dual-image projection



Panorama as seen from presentation wall

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Linea 5, Inc.

Interior Renovation

Presentation & Conferencing

Located within the main hospital in downtown Boston, this 94-seat flexible conference room supports the administrative needs of the Radiology Department.  Cavanaugh Tocci Associates provided audio-visual consulting services, from program development through completion, as well as recommendations on interior acoustics and control of mechanical system noise.

Divisible into sections of 26 & 68 seats, the room provides a full complement of resources for presentation, conferencing, and display of clinical imaging.  Multiple projection screens permit dual-image presentation, and an interactive large-screen monitor allows for annotation and collaboration.  Challenged by limited ceiling height and structural columns, supplemental monitors improve the visibility of presentations for viewers seated at the rear.  Ceiling microphones and multiple cameras enable video conferencing and presentation recording.  Digital signage and room scheduling displays outside assist with administration.  And though routine uses of the room are run by the presenters themselves, a control station allows support staff to setup and manage special events.

Recent Work