Tim Foulkes presents at NeoCon 2017

Tim gave a joint presentation at the 2017 NeoCon in Chicago.  The presentation was a joint effort with interior designer Sarah Springer of Jacobs Global Building Design.  The title was “Are Headphones Really the Answer?”

This was an exploration of open office acoustics past and present, outlining the acoustic challenges with current trends in office design.  The talk concluded with a discussion of design strategies to minimize acoustic distractions and a review of new acoustic finish materials that provide design options suited to spaces with exposed structure.  A copy of the program description is below.

Are Headphones Really the Answer?

As dynamic, open-plan office environments have become the norm, their one drawback has become clear – acoustic distraction and lack of acoustic privacy. Our zeal for creating collaborative and innovation-driving workplaces has made it increasingly difficult for workers to focus and actually get work done! This seminar provides an overview of today’s workplace trends, together with space-planning and acoustic solutions that can mitigate distraction and increase both employee satisfaction and productivity.  Attendees will discover how to design a “soundscape” appropriate for a space; understand the science behind distraction, as well as how different generations and personality types respond and react; and leave with a variety of specific design solutions to address or avoid distraction in the workplace.


Tim Foulkes