University of Massachusetts at Amherst Integrative Learning Center

Seven months after the start of classes in Fall 2014, the Integrative Learning Center has been a resounding success.  Working with our clients at Stantec, DCAM and UMass Amherst we provided acoustical and audiovisual consulting for this 150,000 square foot facility that provides state of the art classrooms for students in multiple disciplines.  In addition to being the home of the Linguistics, Journalism and Communications department there is a varied mix of small and large classrooms throughout the building.  Fully equipped classrooms include five Team Based Learning Rooms, Tiered Lecture classrooms, Case Study Rooms, a 150 seat multipurpose and movie room, a 350 Seat auditorium, and  several flat floor flexible classrooms throughout the building.  Our involvement with specialty learning, open flexible spaces and intimate learning environments for departments included multimedia classrooms, digital movie screening rooms, small seminar rooms and open multipurpose spaces for large meetings and teaching.  All of the rooms include audiovisual systems designed for flexible teaching styles, often involving multiple screens, grouped table inputs, wireless presentation capabilities, lecture capture, and other advanced systems.  Touch screen control systems throughout make the audiovisual systems easy to use and the performance audio systems give them high speech intelligibility and high quality program playback.
Education importance

Our acoustical consulting work included critical sound isolation recommendations for this tightly packed building, room finish treatment and geometry, and important noise and vibration control recommendations for a pleasing listening and learning environments throughout the building.  Our partnership with Stantec, UMass Amherst, the builders,  systems integrators and other consulting firms including broadcast studio consultants help to provide a facility that UMASS students and faculty will enjoy for many years into the future.

The communication and journalism departments have created the above video showcasing these state of the art digital facilities and inspiring study spaces in the heart of campus.