MIT 10-250 Lecture Hall

  • Project: MIT 10-250 Lecture Hall
  • Architect: D’Agostino Izzo Quirk Architects, Inc.
  • Filters: Architectural Acoustics

The 425-seat lecture room at MIT’s Huntington Hall, affectionately known as “Ten Two Fifty,” is one of
the most popular meeting places in the Institute.

It is booked for approximately 90 percent of its available time with academic classes, special guest lecturers, movie nights, and other student activities. With that level of use, the previous 1978 renovation had reached the end of its useful life, finishes looked dated, and the educational technology no longer suited school’s modern needs. A complete renovation was planned which included replacement of the all of the seating, carpeting, HVAC systems, interior wall and ceiling finishes, and educational technology.

Special consideration was given to the sound system and room acoustics for 10-250. Sound- absorbing wood grillage walls and gypsum board bulkheads were removed on the side walls and were replaced with fabric-wrapped panels. The overall ceiling height was raised, allowing better opportunities to light the space and more flexibility from the projection room, but also necessitating a redesign of the acoustic reflector to provide early overhead reflections to as many seats as possible. All of the educational technology was replaced including state-of-the-art sound systems, lighting, projection, internet connections, and distance learning equipment.

Recent Work